Post Reply Is there any way to filter out "short" titles?
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Posted 10/26/16 , edited 10/26/16
Is there anything I can do on this site to filter out those 3-5 minute episode shows from lists of titles?

I have no interest in them. But a lot of their descriptions sound cool when you're mousing-over titles on the "popular" or "simulcast" pages, then you get your hopes up, and click on the first episode, then you find out that it's three minutes long...

Can I tell Crunchyroll to not show me those titles in the first place?
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Posted 10/26/16
Not in any "official" capacity... But if you use Chrome, there is an unofficial extension (written by one of the mods, beardfist) that allows you to manually mark any given series as "watched", and then once you do, they "disappear" from those pages. So, sort of possible, but only in a do it yourself kind of way.

You can read about the extension here if those bother you enough to pursue it: /group/Beardfists_Programming_Corner

Also, you might note that there are different lengths of "short", anywhere from less than a minute, 1-2 minutes, 3-5 minutes, 8-12 minutes, 15 minutes... So where do you draw the line? A few of the shorts are even actually quite good, for example:
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