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Uh, looking for a circle of friends. (Maybe more.)
Posted 12/15/16 , edited 12/16/16
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Posted 12/16/16 , edited 12/16/16

mistalune wrote:

So, I recently got ousted out of the forum I was using, it was called Gaiaonline.

Oh hey, that was my previous forum too! Except in my case I just got bored of it.

My name's Aaron. I'm 22, and generally an acceptable human being.

Avi, 23.

I'm currently working on my MBA.

Liberal Arts but gonna switch to Psych major here.

I watch a lot of animes, particularly the romance ones because I'm sappy like that. I am watching simulcasts

Hm, I tend to prefer the manga over anime in regards to romance, but neat, I'm doing the simulcasts (and simulpubs) too!

Feel free to message or add me.

K, I'll give it a shot. I have skype too. I'll talk to you randomly as long as I get a vibe that I'm allowed too.

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Posted 12/30/17 , edited 12/30/17
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