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If it was illegal to be a furry
Posted 11/2/16 , edited 11/2/16
"hairy man arrested outside Wal-mart."
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Posted 11/2/16 , edited 11/3/16

ZavinRoyalheart wrote:

"hairy man arrested outside Wal-mart. Sentenced to a shave and a haircut, for to bits."

I filled in the missing part for you...
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Posted 11/3/16 , edited 11/3/16

redokami wrote:

PlatinumWolf wrote:

I haven't worn a fursuit, but I would stand with the Furry's and help them fight for their freedom of expression. No one should tell you how you can or can't dress IMHO

thank you

I would still wear my suit to cons lol

You're very welcome. I'm not sure what the world's deal is these days. People need to start doing one of two things:

1) Help other people to make the world a better place

2) Leave other people the hell alone

At least that's my opinion xD
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Posted 12/20/17 , edited 12/20/17
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