Anime Remix Album!
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Posted 10/27/16 , edited 10/28/16
Hello all!
I'm a musician by the name of Nightmare and work mainly with Video Game Music. While I'm currently working on an arrangement album as well as some side projects, I came up with an idea while listening to the Bungou Stray Dogs OST. I figured why not kick off an anime remix album? I'm not sure how many people here are musicians that make content, but I thought it would be pretty cool to check here to see if there would even be an interest for it. Currently, details are not worked out yet as to licensing, dates, album name, etc. All of that is in the works and will be finalized upon confirmation that there are enough people interested in said album. I will be posting around some other areas where I work with video game musicians as well to see if that can increase the participation size.

Things to know up-front:
-This album will be open to anyone willing to contribute a track as an arranger(Not yet sure if direct covers of songs will be allowed)
-Upon finalizing and agreeing on this being a paid album, arrangers will get paid commissions for their tracks which they can then split up between collaborators and such(All of that to be determined at a later time)
-We will handle communication via email for important announcements and for generalized chat, we will use Discord
-If you don't/can't arrange but would like to be a part of the album, you can ask around the arrangers and see if they need assistance or instrumentation for their tracks.
-Tracks can be from ANY anime

These are just a few things on the list of many, A full document containing more details will be created upon confirmation on this album's creation.

Please keep in mind that this is just an idea currently and is not in any way finalized, and in order for it to bloom, we need to have support for it. Once it's confirmed, I'll be able to work out the important details before adding on arrangers and such to the album. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

P.S. if you have any album name suggestions, even if it's just one to temporarily work with, please toss it out there
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