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Kunikida Hanamaru is one of the nine main characters of Love Live! Sunshine!!. She is a first year in Uranohoshi Girls' High School. Her image color is yellow. She is a member of AZALEA, a sub-unit under Aqours.

She is a first-year student and the daughter of a family who has run a nearby temple for generations.

She is Kurosawa Ruby's best friend. She attended the same kindergarten as Tsushima Yoshiko.

Hanamaru, known as 'Maru' for short, is a hardworking girl who diligently works at her family's temple. She spends a lot of time reading alone and is easily distracted. Because of how she was raised as a temple girl, she does not watch the television much nor does she use the internet, making her outdated. She is often teased due to this but is usually defended by her best friend Ruby, but she ended up crying at first, causing Hanamaru to comfort her instead.

She seems to be quite self-depreciating, calling herself a "chibi procrastinator" and "neither cute nor interesting." She is gentle and caring for those around her but often finds herself going in circles anyway. She aspires to be like Ruby, whom she sees as "beautiful, cute and dazzling."

Due to how she sees herself, Hanamaru didn't think she was fit to become a school idol. However, after learning about Hoshizora Rin and how she once felt the same, she was inspired, then decides to be a school idol by supporting Ruby in her endeavor.

She has a distinctive verbal tic and dialect, tending to end her sentences with "zura," as well as "ora", as a first-person pronoun referring to herself.

Clubs and Hobbies
She is a gifted singer, earning her a spot in a choir. She is a fan of reading and has a deep fondness for Japanese literature, often spending most of her time in the library . She helps out at the school library, and her ambition is to become a writer some day.


Year First Year

Birthday March 4 (Pisces)

Occupation School Idol

Blood Type O

Height 152 cm

Three Sizes B 83, W 57, H 83

Favorite Food Mikan, Red bean paste

Disliked Food Milk, Noodles

Japanese Voice Actress Takatsuki Kanako

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