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Post Reply Truck driver playing Pokemon Go hits, kills 9-year-old boy in Aichi
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Posted 10/30/16
There are laws against all kinds of things.

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Posted 10/30/16 , edited 10/30/16

tkayt wrote:

In the UK there is a law against using phones whilst driving. People get around that by using hands free devices to talk. One 18 year old ended up killing an old man because she was texting when driving.

If there's no present law in Japan that covers using phones whilst driving then it's best they sort that out.

handsfree devices would be fine

the point of no cell phone while driving to to prevent texting or looking at the phone while driving-- it will encourage people to keep their eyes on the road instead on the phone screen while traveling at high speed on a public street!!

the fine can be pretty high around here if you got caught .. especially in downtown area where there are a lot of pedestrians

we also have no texting while walking law in some states.. i think it was New York or something

because of idiots got themselves killed or caused major car accidents for not looking while walking

this is not just about personal safety but also the safety of others as well

similar to drunk driving-- often time the drunk driver were fine.. but the civilians were not

these laws are there to prevent meaningless deaths

if people know common sense and do the right thing in the first place then there's no need for these laws
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Posted 10/30/16
Honestly since they did the Halloween event update, if I'm doing more than 5mph there aren't any recent sightings. I used to drive circles around one of the blocks in the city I work in going about 10ish to get eggs hatched because it also had a lot of stops, but it won't let me do that anymore. So hopefully soon this means that if they keep it like this people won't even be able to play when they're driving anymore.
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Posted 10/30/16
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Posted 10/31/16

MidoriNoTora wrote:

The law in the UK for driving with a mobile phone is just a fine-based system intended to discourage use of hand-held phones while driving. There are other driving laws that are violated by using a phone at the wheel, but it is much simpler to prosecute if you have a clear cut law. The next level up is "driving without due care and attention" but you would have to collect a lot more evidence and it would be up to a judge to balance the circumstances. With the phone law it is a simple case of, "Were you driving while using a phone?" and an answer of, "Yes" producing an automatic fine and a penalty on a points system that eventually removes your driving licence (if you commit enough driving offences).

In terms of causing a death on the road the UK would also charge the driver with "Causing death by dangerous (or careless) driving," which could result in a prison sentence.

Coincidentally, a news story about a similar case popped up on the BBC today (driver with mobile, not driver playing pokemon):
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