Grindfest RPG games
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Posted 10/29/16
Is there any games where the main point. And i am using it literally. The only point of a game is to level up, kill monsters and talk to people to get objectives done. I mean no story or anything just pure grinding.

I think i found it. Final Fantasy 1. Its just amazingly how much of a grindfest this game is. Whether you consider it fun or not is another issue. I happen to quit it... i am not that hardcore sorry. I manage to get the gummiboat and beat the volcano monster, but after that i just stopped. I did try to replay it recently. But nope, even changing the controller doesnt help. Its just too much random battle level up with no content for me to enjoy. I didnt like FF Origins that much, because it kinda insults me with better graphics, and i tend to only play the originals :D. Still i will try out FF4-FF5 and FF6. I would try FF2 and FF3 NES, but only legally since its not released other than in Japan so. I heard those are slightly different than the first one.
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Posted 12/31/17 , edited 12/31/17
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