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Here is the plot:

Demetrius was a comatose patient who lost all memories. His memories transformed into keys and scattered throughout some other world. When Demetrius wakes up, he finds himself in the world of Khovaria where he meets a girl name Kylantha. Kylantha serves as his helper and guide in finding his lost memories. Demetrius has to find the memory keys before they fall into someone's possession. Both Demetrius and Kylantha face many treacherous obstacle while searching for his memories.

Here is the rough draft:
Warning: It is a rough draft so there will be errors. Cut me some slack.

Chronicles of Khovaria: The Key of Memory
By Qualeshia Marshall
Prologue: Searching

Who am I? Where am I? What am I?

I opened my eyes to see the brightness of the sun gleaming down on my face. When I turned my head, I noticed a figure near me getting closer. I sat up to see the figure was a person, a female with pale skin and bright red hair. I slowly stood up feeling a little groggy and dizzy but kept on. Blinking to adjust my eyes to the bright sunlight, I noticed how young the woman looked and how beautiful she appeared. I looked down and noticed that I was wearing a hospital gown. Was I recently in a hospital? How did I get out here? Looking around I wondered where here is. The woman glanced then walked up to me with a serious gaze. I was confused and wasn't sure what to expect. But she just looked me up and down then uttered some words.

"My name is Kylantha, " she says after looking me up and down, "I will be your guide in finding what you've lost."

"What I lost?" I said in confusion, "what are you talking about?"

"Your name is Demetrius," she goes on explaining, "You were in a coma for five years and during that time your memories transformed into keys then scattered all over this world. Your job is to find each key in hopes of gaining all your memories back. "

"Memories?" I say

"Yes," Kylantha further explains some more, "this world that your memories are in is called Khovaria. The keys are a bright shiny gold and will be hard to find. But luckily I can detect where they are hiding and get them. You must find these keys or you'll never get your memories back. I was the one who brought you here to this world."

I glanced heavily at Kylantha who seems like such a serious and straight forward person. I have to find keys that are my memories. I thought about it and I clearly known nothing that happened before I went into a coma. My name is Demetrius. It sounds familiar yet I am not sure. Kylantha stopped looking at me and focused on the ground. I started to get worried

"So you have to help me find these keys?" I asked, "how long is it going to take?"

"Depends on how many keys you have," Kylantha answered, "and judging from the report. You have a total of one thousand keys scattered all over this world."

"ONE THOUSAND KEYS!" I yelled with shock, "How long will that take me?"

"It could take days, months, or even years to find all your keys," Kylantha explains, "memory keys are very rare and there will be people who will want them. They're different from your normal key."

I felt sick and thought that this had to be some terrible dream. One thousand keys. That can take forever and for some strange reason I felt like I didn't have that long. Looking at Kylantha, I wondered what her reasoning is. Does she have to help me? Did she want to help? Can I even trust her knowing that I no absolutely nothing about her? So many things crossed my mind the more I gaze at her.

"So where is the first key?" I asked, "might as well start now and get it over with."

"The first key is located in a gigantic labyrinth called Melancholia," she tells me, "but be warn there are monstrous creatures in that labyrinth that feast on flesh and bone. They're called Plagues."

"Alright," I say feeling a little nervous about that, "where is the labyrinth?"

"Over there," Kylantha said pointing in the direction where the labyrinth is located, "come we don't have time to stand around."

And with that me and Kylantha ventured to the labyrinth. I am still unsure of this world but I might grow to get use to it.
Who am I? Demetrius. Where am I? Khovaria. What am I? Unknown. I'll find the answer when I continue searching.
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Edit: sorry if that's a spoiler.
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LavenderMintRose wrote:

Edit: sorry if that's a spoiler.

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I think you have an interesting concept which is manageable in scope. My only advice right now is to please stick with it!
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