Anime characters on presidential ticket
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Posted 10/29/16
So, the current candidates for the 2016 US presidential election are not the most well liked in history.
That's unfortunate, but rather than lament over it, let's take a break and imagine which anime characters could be running instead.

These characters don't need to be the most desirable choices, but they should at least be somewhat representative of the ideals of their party, even if warped. Some degree of qualification is a plus, though I realize most anime characters don't have the sort of background one might wish for such a role, so this is a bit relaxed. I think it'd be interesting to see serious suggestions or more absurd suggestions. Also, given that most anime characters would simply not be eligible due to age or citizenship issues, those sorts of requirements will be ignored.

I suppose I'll start things off...

For the Republicans:
President: Charles zi Britannia (Code Geass)
Vice President: Altena (Noir)

For the Democrats:
President: Maoyu (sic?) (Maoyu)
Vice President: Moral (Hamatora)
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Posted 12/20/17
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