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Posted 10/29/16 , edited 11/5/16
Rating: 5.5/10

Note: All reviews by Blackchain119 are based solely on the anime itself and ignores all related manga; if the story does not hold up in the anime, no matter what length it is, then they failed in their efforts to make an effective, engaging show.


Very popular, decently gory, but on whole a very disappointingly below average story with an incredibly ridiculous twist.

The Good

Voice actors: All the characters, as far as I was concerned, were well voiced and properly chosen. The kids sound like kids, the adults like adults, and the murderous intent behind every sentence was visible and fierce.

Visuals: Though not groundbreaking, the animation flowed fairly well and the shading lent a strong overall atmosphere of malice.

Music: Chilling notes echo with a hauntingly cold presence. The music in this anime was well above average, and is a contender as one of my favourite mystery/horror music.

The Bad

Character Development: Virtually non-existent development, causing you to wonder if you should care about whether or not the main character is worth rooting for.

Story: Bears an intriguing concept, but executing it in the slowest, most monotonous way imaginable. This story was no better than the worst of the "Final Destination" movies, and uses many elements that are common in those stories, such as highly improbable (or even impossible) death scenes.

The Ugly

The worst part of this anime was by far the extraordinarily half-assed twist in the end. To keep this review spoiler-free as possible, I will just say that the true antagonist is revealed, and it is a character we had barely seen and had virtually no emotional attachment to.

Final Impressions

While unimpressive in its attempt to maintain a properly disturbing or creeping atmosphere (and instead only settling for standard gore without substance), it is not bad enough to want to avoid. I would recommend this anime to anyone interested in seeing an interesting concept and atmosphere, even if the story falls flat and lacks any significant emotional impact.
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