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As a writer, do you suffer from low self esteem and enxiety?
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32 / M / TN
Posted 11/1/16 , edited 11/1/16
It's pretty typical to worry about how others see your work, whether it's writing, other art, or just about anything else you put alot of yourself into. Fortunately with time and practice it's possible to get used to it. Or at least less bothered by it.
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18 / F / Kuto-ko Tokyo Japan
Posted 11/1/16 , edited 11/1/16
I like the way you write. You are good writer and very smart in your story. I think the first i read of your story is there is a pizza party?
That story is unique. That's why be confident.
You cannot please everyone but continue writing. If you made a mistake or the grammar is no good its okay. Learning from the mistake is a good lesson. To start a good another story.
I dont comment in your story but im reading...

Sorry for my bad English
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23 / F / North Las Vegas
Posted 11/1/16 , edited 11/2/16
I do have trouble writing to please everyone. But That when I was younger. But now I'm want to make a story my way. Like bailyn17 said, you can't please everyone so make something that please yourself or your friends.

As for me, I still having issues with keeping a story going and learn my mistakes (my mental illness is the main reason).
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Posted 11/23/16 , edited 11/24/16
So yeah, I've been starting to appear far often quite recently. Probably in about one single day.

Mmmmmm, well writing for me has never been something which activated any issues of self esteem or anxiety. I mean, there are other things, but that's prying into the personal stuff. The focus here is you :)

Writing for me is my sanctuary for literally allowing my creativity and literature abilities (more like anime/manga/LN abilities) to run wild. It's a happy place for me, cause I'm literally playing god...but in the sense that the people I created are all fictional.
But alas, I am aware of the repercussions which accompany self esteem and anxiety, so I hope this all helps.

Before I even go onto explaining anything, DO NOT GIVE UP ON WHAT YOU LOVE DOING. If it's something you enjoy doing, then it shouldn't be causing you pain.

I wouldn't say you're being too hard on yourself...but you are being hard on yourself. Being too hard on yourself in my books is when someone's mind breaks over the presence of less then 5 grammar errors in an 1000 word chapter they made.
But there isn't really anything wrong with being hard on yourself either. Shows that you strive for perfection rather then leaving things as it is. Asian parents aren't hard on their children for nothing y'know

I can certainly tell you that I am not a great writer, and you might even be better than me. I am going to address your problems in a chronological fashion, beginning with your statement about your story not being good enough.
When you're writing for fun, this concept of whether something is good enough or not shouldn't really be there in my opinion. But judging from your post, you do wish to be good.
First off, I'm gonna say you should be proud of what you've managed to accomplish rather then judge whether people would see you as a talented writer or not. Try to think that with each piece you write up, cause I'm telling you, that's something not many people can do. And these days where swag and this strange technique of dabbing has filled the mind of the young and typically boisterous, it's kinda rare, haha.

Now with regards to wanting to become a better writer, I would suggest you work hard for it. I probably sound quite commando like, but it's what I had to do in order to become good at anything I ever did. In your post, what I seem to see which is most prominent is the fear of mistakes.
Don't think of mistakes as signs which tell you that you are never good. Just think of them as an area which you want to learn from. Everyone makes mistakes and that's normal. You just gotta address them. It's like what alllll my teachers who teach me English say. Always read over the comments people give you. Yeah they may seem imposing and can bring down your motives in wanting to continue writing, but in the long term, if you actually focus on them and try to improve on it, it'll help.
You can envy someone with talents as much as you want, and you can wish for the greatest writing abilities, but they will further damage you. What I would do is I would try to stop these things, work to get better. My current abilities is just a standing base. When it comes to one's abilities, you can only ever keep rising. When we are introduced to something new, we are at the bottom. But as we learn, practice and apply, we will surely rise higher then the person we once were. That's a mindset I suggest you consider.
But this is literally how I would handle the situation if I were in your position. It's one of the only ways I was taught how to battle against my lack of talent for anything. I'm not gifted in writing nor in my academics, and I grew up in a family which kinda upheld the need for me to do well in these aspects.

Finally, you're not silly. Such feelings are completely human. It does not portray you to be weak, or a coward. In fact, you're already stronger then a lot of people for actually being open about such a thing. And yes, you can believe to be a good writer. Anyone can, they just gotta put the hard yards in for it. Fear I believe is limiting your great potential. So what if you aren't perfect? Just be like me, where in spite of the existence of the naturally gifted and talented, I still try my best to rise and press forward, even if i hit a few bumps on my journey. Cause we can only ever go up, rock bottom was where we started.

Hopefully this helps haha...despite being 24 days old.

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38 / M / So. Cal
Posted 12/16/16 , edited 12/16/16
The thought of posting one of my stories for others to read and critique fills me with dread. I want to be brave and post one on CR but can't think of one good enough; or that's appropriate for CR
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Posted 12/25/17 , edited 12/25/17
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