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Post Reply Update On FBI Reopening eMail Gate
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Posted 11/6/16
This is stupid and anyone taking this serious is an idiot. You really think ANY of Comey's actions one way or another actually has anything to do with whether Hillary committed a crime here? We know she did, we have already proven she lied under oath, we have already proven she illegally destroyed evidence, and it is common sense that no prosecutor should get a 40 minute private conversation with the spouse of the person potentially being prosecuted. We know and have known the justice system failed us, here is what is stupid;

With no partisanship to either side here are the two possible situation;

1: You have an FBI director who has broken protocol and failed to indict an open and closed case of perjury and negligence with classified material. He refused to indict her or promote a special prosecution when the integrity of the investigation was compromised or even after publicly admitting the law was broken and as many as 5 foreign powers gained access to classified matierial via this unlawful server. He still suggests not to indict her about the emails.

2. You have an FBI director that opened (what everyone at least has to admit is at least necessary) investigation, blew it up in the media to discredit one candidate and then called it off, only to blow it up a week before the election and call it off again saying there isn't anything there.

Whichever situation you want to believe, if you actually think what we've heard is the truth you are an idiot. His actions are clearly the result of political party pressure and a mad dash to pick which ship is gonna float. It has nothing to do with the truth, he came out and said 650k emails were found last week, it took them a couple months to pick through less than a tenth of that amount earlier this year but suddenly a week is all it takes for 650k? This doesn't have anything to do with the truth, and it doesn't have anything to do with integrity or justice.

This is what should piss the American people off, but really the ones who will be pissed are the press who now have to change their stance AGAIN on how they feel about Comey.
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Posted 11/6/16 , edited 11/6/16
this madam president reminded me of someone

South Korea presidential scandal: Park Geun-hye mired in Korean drama with cult shaman Choi Soon-sil

Inside Story - Will South Korea's president be forced out of office?

i'm all for the 1st female president.. ONLY IF she is not corrupt to the core to begin with-- if you dig deeper.. the corruption runs deep.. all the way to 1967 ?

The Clinton Scandals - Trailer

the heck.. might as well elect Al Capone for president or something

kick hillary off stage and bring back bernie or something

8 years of obama and another 4 years of hillary... you will just make people hate you more.. how were the years under bill clinton ?

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