should anime change?
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Posted 10/31/16 , edited 11/1/16
shelter become a instant sensation for over night, that become the most talked about
in socialmedia, but as always social make it more trolling, than enjoy something new.
the argument aint worth mention, till shelter was a foreigner short, than a japanese?
so here my point of view should anime change for just made in japan, to any
(with amount of cash) foreighner can do it?

independant vs. corporate
one thing i found out is that some anime studios are mercenary, when it come to
taking a new property from a major corporation forent, and turn it into something
straight to american channel or dvd. That what happen when 313 studio, owners
of the Halo game, made busines with manny anime studio and made
Halo legends coming out in 2010. Or Marvel who already have series of 12 episodes
of Iron man, wolverine, X-men, and blade, plus 2 more movies, made by the guys of
(till waiting on myHSOD n BTOOM 2ND SEASONS) Madhouse.

But money is the key of everything, with dvd n bluerays declining for some time, manny
independant rather do it in their own country then taking to the top anime studio heads,
from french Wakfu become a sensation as video game, but as ani series, it was better
taking influences from dragonball or all the major Canadian Cartoon studios, from
Totally spies, chaotic, and my fame W.I.TC.H. BORROWING the style n flavor that make
most anime joyful, sure they dont fit in any anime category, but they try to be diferent.
One that hitting major right now with audiences(is CGI) nickelodeon The Miraculous Ladybug.
which is good but for manny they want more authentic anime look. But to impact em(i think)
take to the next segment.

Small is the way to go?
Shelter aint 12 episode, talking about a small girl that end up in space pod, while discovering
about who, or why live in a virtual reality, a la matrix, but more a experimental music video,
this trend have been happening since the beginning of the new century, thank to the (old n better)
internet era, from flash animator showing their love of the media in Newgrounds, to todays web comics.
the style will always change heads, but the way one make it, is a passion.
but they invest time n money, to dominate their craft n exhibet on the major flash channel.
That in japan theres festival were they let independant animator, show their talent by premiering their short.
like the infamous ME!ME!ME!, that also became a visual experiment than anime.
but for independent n foreighners Either Youtube or social media outlet, to air their own passion n love
of anime. There is one american who done it, but not in japan but in Korea.

Join the Lesean army
This man took risk, that not manny would ever make, working by some time on great cartoon
the satire blackplotation Black Dinamite, or mystical n industrial world of Legend of Korra, and
also good controvertial way of america life the Boondocks, when to south korea that most cartoon
are made n learn their art n way, from starting low and seen n asking, on how this cartoon re made.
by 2014 he went all crowfunding in kickstarted for he's very own 20minute anime call
"Cannon Busters" that brough the best of the best in animation n comics, Like Joe Madureira that
work come from marvel X-men n videogames Darksiders, and French master mecha desing Thomas Romain
made ship for Space Dandy n overlook anime Basquash!.
see he's Ted Talk speech is really inspiriting:
I dont know what to make of this man streanghs, n will but inspire to go out n make one a manga or anime.

so maybe this subject should been important but, when akira kurosawa made
the 7 samurais, someone was inspire, and make it in he own that the 7 magnificent
came out. So what yer take leave a comment.

And as always thank for been awesome.
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Posted 11/1/16 , edited 11/1/16

shelter become a instant sensation for over night, that become the most talked about
in socialmedia, but as always social make it more trolling, than enjoy something new.
the argument aint worth mention, till shelter was a foreigner short, than a japanese?
so here my point of view should anime change for just made in japan, to any
(with amount of cash) foreighner can do it?

Anime can be made by anyone, no one's stopping it. Unless you're talking about changing the generally regarded definition of anime, being made in Japan. There's no governing authority deciding whether a Japanese-styled cartoon is allowed to be made overseas. If a non-Japanese wants to make one in his own country, I say go for it.

If you've noticed, lately there are several 5-minute anime being serialized. I haven't bothered to look it up, but I'm assuming that it's a sign of a shift towards the "independent anime production" you're speaking of.
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Posted 11/1/16 , edited 11/1/16
Anime will inevitably change in Japan. And we will certainly see some companies/groups out side Japan start making their variation of anime.
Posted 11/1/16 , edited 11/1/16
I can't read this... can we get a translation?
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Posted 11/1/16 , edited 11/2/16
Shelter was a great scifi premise wasted on a short with music that was just okay.
Posted 11/2/16 , edited 11/2/16
I've had it with moe. Yes, it needs to change.
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Posted 11/2/16 , edited 11/2/16
We need less perverts writing series, it's getting too old an giving it a bad name. We need smart people who actually wants to write a story, no matter if it's a cooedy, action, sienen or horror etc......
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Posted 11/2/16 , edited 11/2/16
Anime is a business, just like animation in the US. Unlike the US studios rise and fall regularly, while in the US it's dominated by 2 giants (Disney and Dreamworks) and those two snuff out any competitiors trying to pop up. I think in the digital age, animation is becoming more accessible to small projects, however when we're getting to animated tv series, it gets really really expensive really really fast. Animation is not cheap by any means, it's a team effort and takes hundreds of people sometimes to get anything out in a reasonable amount of time. This is when 'artistry' gets the boot.

We all want anime that is passionate and cares more about telling a story that is compelling, that's what the animators, directors, actors, and everyone else who works in anime wants too. However, the producers who fund these projects want a return on their investment, and anime is no small investment, in fact, they cheat their animators out of decent wages to make it more affordable (the conditions for Japanese animators are usually abysmal). So when they're trying to get money for an anime idea, they need to promise to the people who are paying for it, that this thing is gonna sell. Remember that awards and acclamation is nice, but that has nothing to do with a show's financial success.

Utena won tons of awards and swept away the competition and is heralded as a masterpiece, but it wasn't very marketable by its very nature, the studio knew this, and Be-Papas closed shortly after the anime's conclusion and a few significantly cheaper manga projects. A much more recent example of this is studio Manglobe. Manglobe had a wonderful reputation for pumping out wonderful and artistic and refreshing projects, from Samurai Champloo to Samurai Flamenco, but after their last show, Gangsta, which was also critically acclaimed, none of these shows really sold merchandise, sure they had TWGOK for that but that only lasted them so long, and so they filed for bankruptcy and handed over their unfinished project to Geno studios.

So how do you convince your producers in good conscious and confidence that your anime is gonna sell? Well there's two things that's guaranteed to make money no matter how shitty a tv show it is:

Moe and Fanservice.

Virtually every studio at least at one point makes these shows, they're crappy, unoriginal, and each one is more or less the same as the last for the past several years. But you know what? They sell, and they will always sell because they have a nice, dedicated fanbase that'll eat it up like its their last meal on death row. This combination of super cheap and low risk tv shows makes them great for studios to pocket some cash to use so they can fund a project that they actually care about. So if you want things to change you need a more... scrupulous fan base that can predictably bring in good returns without having to pay a lot on a project for them to buy it.
Posted 11/2/16 , edited 11/2/16
I really don't know much about the anime industry. I do know that I watch anime based on whether or not it has a great story line or a mediocre or just plain weak story line. Fan service in any genre is pointless if the studio is focused solely on just this one aspect and nothing else. You can grow pretty tired very quickly with anime that makes no sense but has the best fan service scenes. Fan service with a great story line is a different matter entirely. Still I like a little less service and more well written characters and story lines that mean something.

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Posted 11/2/16 , edited 11/3/16
This sounds like it was translated by Google.

Yes, anime can be made by outside companies successfully. Look at RWBY's success.

Should it change? Like all artforms, it'll probably change eventually. Though certain tropes, like moe and titties will probably always sell no matter what, even though nine out of ten times, most of those type of shows are boring.
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