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Hi there!.....
I hope this message finds you all in good health, before I get to my Anime project, please allow me to share with you a short story that lead me to this point.

I have enjoyed Anime my entire life however when I was 11 my mother died from cancer. I was HEAVILY bullied as a child and grew up with literally no friends. My home life wasn't great either with my father sinking into a deep depression (sorry for the dark crap ....lets ramp this up a bit lol)
Anime was an outlet -an escape if you will, that kept me fascinated by the amazing art styles and stories.
It quite literally saved my life....or at least kept me from descending into darker places.

As I grew older that "escape" evolved into a passion and something I held a great level of respect for.
So in 2008 I finally decided to attempt to chase my dream and attempt to create my own Anime.
I wanted to fascinate and entertain people the way I was (and still am).

While many of you can probably relate to this dream, to say my idea was met with skepticism and mockery was an understatement.
Never the less, I kept writing my story, designing my characters and the world they lived in.

I'm a pretty decent artist (maybe I'll share some of my fan-art in others posts down the track), however while I was wasn't enough to get noticed.
So I worked hard in a lot of crap jobs to save up the money to start hiring other (more talented artists) to draw my designs.

All in all, my Anime project - "Millennium Exile" is now in full swing and should be hitting studios in Japan mid 2017 for pitching (fingers crossed).
I will be presenting an art-book filled with artwork and information regarding the characters, plot and basically the A-Z of MillEx along with a demo reel.
The demo reel has just been professionally dubbed by Anime voice actors in the U.S, however it will not be uploaded anywhere on the Internet and will be for pitch purposes only.
I also can't legally disclose "who" has dubbed my characters...but lets say the experience has been unreal :)

The haters and naysayers are now some of my biggest fans however there is still a lot of work to do and plenty of ways I can still fail, so I gotta keep working hard!

If it's not too much hassle and if this interests you in any way, please consider checking out the project!

Take care and I'll see you all throughout the forums as I am probably going to be a lot more active here!

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Posted 11/1/16 , edited 11/1/16
Since from the start anime is my scape.
Wow i will wait for this project.
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Wow, this is amazing!
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Thanks everyone
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