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Post Reply Anybody here from Scotland?
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Posted 28 days ago

Randompyrate wrote:

Aye- Scottish born and bred. Western Isles, to be precise.
Kind of surprised there's more than 2 of us on this site, tbh!

You made a better job of spelling 'bred" than I did hehe! Standards of edumaication must be better in the western isles lol
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Posted 28 days ago

fluffytailz3000 wrote:

Hey guys!

I'm from Scotland and I was wondering if anyone else was from Scotland too :P

Most of my family is.. traditionally at least. Mostly MacLeod and some MacDonald (yeah, I know, I should be beating myself up thanks to that combo, then having an epic party), but my parents and some of my grandparents and such were born in the US.
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