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Posted 11/1/16 , edited 11/3/16
I wasn't able to think of a good title for this thread, so let me explain

I've noticed there are offers that are only available for new users, I understand why you do this as it gives an incentive for someone to try your service, but at the same time it makes people (such as myself) who have used your service for years feel they are second rate

Your recent "Win a Trip to Japan" competition is a good example of something that could have been offered to Premium Members as a whole. but was limited to (not only new users) but to Trial Accounts only, so the people who signed up didn't even have to care about Crunchyroll, they just needed 5 mins and an Email Address


But the reason I'm making this thread is over a silly mouse pad I was at the MCM London comic con over the weekend and I asked if it was possible to buy one of your mouse pads as I like your mascot. The person who I was speaking to knew I was a subscriber (I've been since 2013 and even before that but I wasn't able to afford my 2012 subscription at the time) and I was told they were for New Subscribers Only and not for Premium Members or to give/sell.

Yes you did give out a wrist band and lanyard to Premium Members but I'm not sure why you limited other things to New Members Only even when people are offering to Buy the items.


I'm just wondering if you have any competitions planned for Premium Members or if its only going to New Users


Please don't ban my account for this thread
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