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Post Reply croagunk is pokkens new fighter, instead of a support
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Posted 11/1/16

redokami wrote:

gornotck wrote:

Eh. Hawlucha looks too much like the bird-monk already in the game, and so does Incineroar. I noticed, when I was playing Pokken, that all the contestants are kind of popular, as Pokémon. Pikachu/Libra Pikachu, Gengar, the rose woman, Machamp, the chandelier, the ninja fox thing... all seem super popular, but other than the Pikachu, they all look more or less different from each other, too.

ninja fox???

also incineroar is literally a wrestler, he should be in,besides he is a fresh face

you talkin bout this girl tho? she is a mage/magician lol her evo is psychic

Though, related to your picture:

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Posted 11/1/16

Adjacent-Taurus wrote:

octorockandroll wrote:

Adjacent-Taurus wrote:

eh fuck pokken they had a chandelier as a combatant what a bunch of retards.

I can name actual fighting Pokemon that should be in there. Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Machamp, Infernape, Pangoro and Hawlucha

Plus this thread should be moved to games.

Oh sure, have all the combatants be one type. No issue there.

It's a fighting game isn't it? Or is it an action rpg? hmm i can't seem to define or narrow down its genre. Plus i didn't say all of these Pokemon should be in the game but at least a couple of them mentioned should be in there.

It's definitely a fighting game. If any game is going to walk the line between action rpg and fighting game its probly gonna be dragonball xenoverse.
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