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Posted 11/1/16
I've been playing some co-op games with my friend, but we were interested in something anime related. It must be story/campaign co-op. Any recommendations?
Posted 11/1/16 , edited 11/1/16
I would recommend Phantom Breaker Battle Grounds if you haven't played it lol. It's your traditional beat em up 2d rpg game. There isn't much of a story in all honesty but there is also dlc that let's you play as kurisu from Steins; Gate.

Oh also 100% Orange Juice you can't play co-op story mode but you can play co-op and battle each other basically picture mario party but instead you are fighting enemies and other players. The fighting is 100% chance though since it is mostly dice roles but main objective is to complete all goals/challenges around the game board lol.

Both are on steam if that's what you use.

If your not on steam and through console only phantom Breaker Battle Grounds is available 100% Orange juice is steam only lol.

I know they probably aren't what your looking for but they are fun co-op games in all honesty.
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Posted 11/2/16
God Eater is good for co-op if you like games that play similarly to Monster Hunter.
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Posted 11/5/16
Any platform preference?
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Posted 12/31/17
End of the year clean up ^,^ Closing threads from 2016
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