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Post Reply New Crunchyroll App on tvOS!
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Posted 11/11/16
If you know what you are doing you can get hold of the Android TV app and install it on your Fire TV. There is one slight bug if you exit the app by pressing the home button on your remote, start another app and then go back all the content is now blank. But it is ready to fix just exit the app by pressing the back arrow key on your remote till you get the "are you sure you want to exit."

Setting as the app works as well as it does on android TV no idea why there isn't a fire TV version.
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106 / M / Tomobiki-cho
Posted 11/11/16 , edited 11/15/16
I've been using this for a few days now. A few thoughts:

Plus points -

1 - Much prettier
2 - Much quicker
3 - Top shelf support

Minus points -

1 - No way to choose a different episode or unsubscribe from a show from the Queue screen
2 - No siri search
3 - Scrolling in the queue page is jerky
4 - Lots of white space, you surely could sprinkle in some artwork.
5 - Top self only shows the first 5 shows in the queue.

It's a lot better than the old app but still feels like an alpha. More work is needed.
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27 / F / Pueblo, CO
Posted 11/11/16
It'd be awesome if you guys could make the app available for those who have samsung TVs and other brands.
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M / United States
Posted 11/14/16
My Smart TV uses Opera TV Store and there doesn't seem to be CR app for that. It would be nice to have CR on my Opera-based Smart TV.

I also use Plex Media Server. I can access my movies, music, photos, TV shows and other online content using Channel plugins from any device I have from anywhere. It would be great if you could revive the CR Channel plugin, or create a new one from scratch. Plex is available on Android mobile and TV, Chromecast, Opera TV, iOS, PC, XBOX 360, XBOX One, PS3, PS4, FireTV, etc. One plugin to reach many dissimilar devices. Check out the support page at for more info.

It would be nice to have one piece of software to access all my media content and serivices instead of installing five or more individual apps.
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24 / M / Heavens Arena
Posted 11/15/16 , edited 11/19/16
There are two HUGE problems with this update. One is if I want to rewatch an episode I have to rewind through the whole thing; there is no longer a 'start at the beginning or keep watching' option. Also, when in the queue clicking on a show it takes me directly to the episode, but sometimes I want to select a different episode. To do that I have to leave the queue, search for the show, select the episode I want to watch and then select the episode from there. it is very frustrating.
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Posted 11/19/16
Please change the queue the way it was before. It is important to see the episodes that were previously watched. Especially if the queue isnt updating to the latest episode. If I click on it, it will play right away. Please change this.
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63 / M / USA
Posted 11/20/16
I'm with Lagunathemost on this one - the functionality went way down with this update. My iPad does much better for getting to the episode I want, and getting to the part of the episode I want.
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40 / M
Posted 11/21/16
About the new update needs to:

1- show the length of the episode.

2- show the release date of the episodes and the series.

3- enable the PLAY button.

4- enable to access the series from the queue.
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71 / M / Dovercourt England
Posted 11/21/16
Still not working properly.

The home page you can't always get the latest episode, it freezes, jumps randomly to the beginning etc., etc. No indication of the next episode release...

Nothing in the queue can be edited or removed even when you are at the last episode, you can't select the episode you want either, total waste of time... as on the home screen when playing, jumps randomly to the beginning, misses complete episodes freezes.....

Still no history or anything useful

Still no idea where you are as menu selected is not highlighted, the settings have virtually nothing to set, search is about the only thing that works ....

Please fix this, the original was a good App, why did you break it so badly?????.

Fortunately my 3rd Generation TV is still working with history editable Queues and plays as expected!

Come on Crunchyroll, please fix this as seriously considering not renewing Next year in January.

I have a(44MB Fibre connection so broadband is not an issue here
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33 / M / UK
Posted 12/11/16 , edited 12/11/16
Well at-least they've now updated the app so that you go to the list of episodes from the queue page.
Which is a massive improvement and means that the queue page isn't so bad.

The app still has so much wrong with it usability wise though.

Oh and an amusing thought, when they say "We've spruced things up, added some color"... where is the colour?
I mean sure on the splash screen and the signing in screen they've got their branding, which you would rarely see.
But everywhere else interface wise there is no colour at all, the only way they could make it more bland would be to show the series and episode artwork in greyscale.

Actually there hardly seems to be any branding on the app at all, neither the Crunchyroll orange which I would have expected to be used or even the logo, unless you could the placeholder image for episodes with no artwork.

EDIT: Not that I want colour everywhere, I just would have thought the would try to make similar use of colour and branding as they do in their iOS app.

Oh and for reference the Apple TV app version is now 2.1.0 released on 9 December 2016.
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