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Who is Huma Abedin?
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Posted 11/3/16 , edited 11/3/16

sundin13 wrote:
EDIT: In response to your edit, yes, I used an example (reptilians) that everyone would agree would be ridiculous as to not drag in any controversial examples which could potentially muddle my more general point. That should have been clear.

i think the problem here is that "hillary clinton is a reptilian" doesn't quite come off as the neutral and objectively ridiculous example it should when you're arguing with someone whose actual posts are consistently one step away from lizard-people conspiracy territory
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Posted 11/4/16

runec wrote:

If its authentic they also just admitted they would be dumping a load of child porn. >.>

Remember, that according to the video I posted before, claims that Bill, Hillary, and several congressmen and women, and high officials in federal government are ON THOSE CHILD PORN videos. That is a real tall claim to make. If it's not true, then a lot of youtube journalists are gonna have to make a lot of apologies.

I'm waiting to see what goes down.

I haven't posted, but another round of claims is that emails have been released by Julian Assange implicating Hillary Clinton in ordering Seth Rich's murder, and at least one mainstream paper has posted an opinion piece speculating how it makes sense, but I'm still waiting for the latest data dump from Anonymous before posting anymore stuff.
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Posted 12/20/17
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