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Posted 11/2/16
I really like Fairy Tail, but sometimes I feel like this would be one of the BEST TOP RATED animes out there if the author actually got SERIOUS and started to make shit happen.

What I mean by that, is to include romance, drama and more death into the series. Right now there are 2 many "tell my whole lifestory just before I die moments" and then they survive and joke everything off. If he actually had the courage to kill off some useless characters (Makarov should have died vs acnologia lets face it) etc. Then they would have much more time to implenment characters liek Gildarts into the series.

Like at the end of episode 102, Lucy shares the pain of have being left alone while everyone (especially Natsu) abandoned her. Her heart was already broken after the latest ark and still Natsu is oblivious as always. He's never growing as a character. The only thing that's growing is the size of his flame which is extremly boring to watch.

Gajeel's rune girl has forever been chasing him with nothing really happening there.

Lisanna was brought back, for what reason? She's just there, filling no role at all and destroying a really good story about her, Natsu, Elfman etc.

What do you think guys? Am I the ONLY one who feels this way? There are 100 more examples that I can bring up. The ark I loved the most was the first one after Tenrojima island. Sure not many people died, but when I watched the Golden Grassland episode, it gave me the feeling about how good this anime could have been, but is not.

Sorry for my spelling or english.
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