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Posted 15 days ago
This needs to be fixed ASAP. It's been long enough guys, c'mon.
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Posted 14 days ago
Yep. The "My Queue" UI is terrible, and the fact that I can't get to an episode list while I'm currently watching an episode is atrocious.

I don't usually get down on the work of other programmers, but... seriously? Did anybody do any use-case work at all? How is it that the "My Queue" area is so utterly devoid of any real functionality? It's... I mean, Crunchyroll has a big library. I'm not going to search for the show I want to watch every time I start the app, I just want to pop over to "My Queue" and select the show there since I just put everything in there that I'm actually interested in watching.

The "My Queue" screen should behave exactly like the "Home", "Browse", and "Search" screens when it comes to viewing and selecting shows to watch (the big tiles you guys use), with the only real difference being that it should only show the shows you've put there. Selecting a show should bring up the same exact interface all the other screens bring up, including the "Continue watching" being either the last episode you were watching, or if that episode was finished, the next episode in the show. Further, the season selected should be the season of the episode listed as "Continue watching".

How did this not happen?
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Posted 14 days ago
At least you guys can get in, I'm still unable to log in. I cancelled the subscription, deleted the app, reloaded it, signed up again and then it exits, can't use it. Any ideas?
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Los Angeles
Posted 5 days ago , edited 5 days ago
I'm disappointed that the only response we've seen from CR is a vague comment about reviewing the new app with the developer. Shouldn't the user comments posted here be enough to show there are serious problems with the new app? It's been several weeks now and we still haven't seen an improvement or at the very least, a reversion to the older app with the better UI.

I'm not somebody who normally likes to complain about things but as a longtime paying CR subscriber (since Jan 2012), I feel users have waiting long enough already.

Frankly, I would prefer to avoid a rant, and instead offer a list of exactly what's wrong with the new Crunchyroll app. Hopefully, this will be more helpful to Crunchy's developer than just another complaint post.

For my family, the main issues with the new app are:

1. The My Queue selections no longer jump to an informative show page with useful choices. Instead, it jumps directly into the 'latest' episode, with not even the option to resume or restart the program. This is inconvenient if the user wishes to watch a different episode or season from the show, or wants to restart the episode if it's been a while since they paused a previous viewing.

2. Currently there is not even a way to reach the show page from My Queue entries at all. This makes My Queue far less useful than it used to be. For example, in the new app, if a My Queue show isn't coincidentally also listed on the Home page, the only way to access a show page is to manually browse Crunchy's extensive archives or run a search for the show.

3. The Show page now lists episodes from oldest to newest, which is awkward and annoying for users who following a long running series like One Piece or Naruto. Typically, the user may wish to browse only the most recent episodes in long running show but now users are expected to manually scroll all the way down to the bottom of long lists see that range of the list. Ideally, users should have the option to display newest to oldest and vice versa, whichever is more convenient.

4. Please bring back History. This was a useful way to keep track of shows we've been watching that are not in My Queue or was listed deeply towards the end of My Queue.

5. There is probably one thing that I think the new app does better and it's the gridded display for episodes in My Queue. This UI does make is much quicker to scroll through hundreds of entries--the linear horizontal bar in the old app was actually more awkward to use. But, that said, nearly everything else about the new app is far less efficient to use than it was in the old app.

I hope CR will seriously consider the above list and release an improved version of the Crunchyroll app quickly.

Thanks guys, and please don't let us down.
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