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Posted 11/4/16 , edited 11/5/16
Haruhism have similarity to the Capitalist core idea of individual determinism which can be described under the 'God of your own world' metaphor. The ‘god of your own world’ metaphor explain the Capitalist concept of the hidden omnipotent that is featured in old action cartoons. In this metaphor, all individuals live in their own isolated world (which symbolize private property) where they have absolute power over even natural laws. With the idea that the isolated worlds are created from a void, this metaphor assume that resources for private property is either unlimited or readily provided to sustain the worlds. In reality, private property requires finite resources that can only be obtained from the natural environments or industries; by destroying the natural environments, the commoners cannot sustain their own world and the Capitalist elites can use their ownership over the industries to trap the commoners into the Capitalists’ worlds where the commoners are forced to submit to the Capitalists’ whim.

This isolated worlds metaphor assumes independence between the worlds where an individual has no justification to intervene in the world of another individual unless the other individual intervene in their world. When an individual invades the world of a richer individual, the invader’s motive is assumed to be jealousy toward the invaded or the laziness of the invader to maintain their own world; insufficient resource and competition for resource cannot be the possible motives since resources is never limited. When the rich invade the world of the poorer individual, the invasion is assumed to be a just punishment for a past invasion. The poor have no justification for just invasion because they need to build up their poor world first and because there is no possible reason for their world to be invaded except as punishment. The rich, on the other hand, have the authority to intervene in other worlds to maintain justice since their rich world signify their just morality which is needed for this role.
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