Potentially inappropriate moderator behavior?
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Posted 11/5/16 , edited 11/5/16

lorreen wrote:

CKD-Anime wrote:

CKD-Anime wrote:

Those videos were painful to watch.
They still are bro

That's a darned dedicated job of necro-ing you're doing, presumably to better balance the page 1 mix, but please don't overdo it.

I'm not planning to watch the videos, but I have a feeling my conclusion would be that some anime fans just don't understand feminists.

Basically, here we have lorreen obviously allowing CDK-Anime to quote himself to necro a thread. It wouldn't be so obvious, but CDK-Anime quoted himself.

So, why did lorreen readily dismiss this? Perhaps there were things in the forums she wanted pushed down.

lorreen wrote:

HolyDrumstick wrote:

Hey lorreen, I notice that you've made NyxUlric edit his posts. It makes things so much clearer to me.

JUST as an example:

Incorrect - You're a pathetic example of a moderator who picks and chooses what can be said and who is allowed to say it. Usually, those things line up to your own delusional, SJW world view.

Correct - I think you are a pathetic example of a moderator who picks and chooses what can be said and who is allowed to say it. I feel like this usually lines up with your own world view, which I believe to be delusional, SJW garbage.

Could you confirm? I'd certainly hate to get myself in trouble.

Still waiting on an answer from a mod.

Sort of yes but not quite.

It depends on context, how the conversation has been going, and as NyxUlric (or someone else in this thread) has suggested, whether the language is being directed toward users specifically or general groups of people (though even that latter can go too far and could be grounds for editing and warning).

I don't think it's worth my time and effort to make a more thorough and thoughtful response, since you've made it clear you don't respect me, and have on more than one occasion mistaken my intended-to-be-helpful actions for displays of authority. This leads me to believe that you'll be using whatever I say as an opportunity for mockery rather than trusting in my sincerity.

That makes sense. I mean, it makes sense that mods would/could handle things this way. BUT (Not, I have no issue with Ranwolf, this was ages ago, and I feel like we were just having a bad day.):


HolyDrumstick wrote:

You are a waste of effort.

Why because I won't agree to your outdated viewpoints. I am rather glad of that fact, it'd worry me greatly if I agreed with a cave man like you. Take your useless and destructive viewpoints and join ISIS if you think the evolution of society is such a bad thing.

*shrug* I mean, maybe I'm wrong, but this excuse that me saying he was a waste of effort, which in context meant he was a waste to argue with, is the same as these outright insults is flimsy. She addressed it without actually ever explaining and justifying it outside of bias.

Saying this again, anyone is welcome to go read for themselves.
Here, this is discussing how someone was allowed to insult me and my beliefs, though I never attacked transgenders or the gay community in any way. Read the thread and make your own judgments.

lorreen wrote:

nanikore2 wrote:
You come into my thread without provocation. I called you out and you're not owning up to it.

nanikore2, please don't drag your business from one thread into other threads that aren't even related to it.

To all: I've closed this thread because discussion regarding the original topic has seemed to come to a natural end and it's now been derailed into other things.

For those interested in the portion of the topic that was related to how mods handle threads and what should be considered appropriate content for threads, please know that moderators and our chief handler have heard your concerns and we are in discussion regarding this.

This last one was closed at the earliest opportunity. I don't even know how there was any justification. In fact, the only reason I know it was closed was because I was about to post something on it, and could not find it. Which means that, apparently, it had not run its course. Additionally, the 'derailing' was a short conversation between two individuals, and was not at any point a complete derailing of the thread. Looks like a whole lot of CYA.

Anyway, maybe, there are some inappropriate behaviors from moderators. I urge everyone to read, keep your eyes open, and try to make your own judgments.

I may be wrong, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with paying attention to the moderator(s)' behavior on the threads.

Also, who the hell is this "chief handler?" Is it lorreen? If so, what is the point?
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Posted 11/5/16 , edited 11/5/16
We get it. You don't like Loreen. Take it up with Support or move on. This isn't the place.
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Posted 11/5/16

This thread is closed, and since it's not the first, I'm going to ask - please do not create more just to complain like this. GD is certainly not the place for it.

Support manages the moderators. You can contact them via email, [email protected] The chief is Nate, if you need to get in touch with him directly, I'll let him know, though from one of his passing comments before it sounded like that may have already happened? I could be wrong there, but emailing support will get to him if it's about the mods.
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