Find a crime-drama TV series
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Posted 11/6/16 , edited 11/6/16
For anyone who watch crime dramas like "NCIS", could anyone help me find the series this particular episode came from? I only remember bits: a teacher name Claire "takes away" a young male student of hers because he was abused by what is assumed by his father, because she was from an abusive home. Another bit I remember was later her father shot himself for what he did the past inlcudin' shooting his own wife. Also Clarie found it was the boy's cardiologist mother her beats him (don't know why), and she was about to pound her in the parking lot. But a "Oh-my-god-what-have-I-become" moment occur when she looked at her reflection in the car window. That's all I know and remember
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Posted 12/8/16 , edited 12/8/16
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