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F / Liese Maxia
Posted 11/6/16 , edited 11/6/16

The heroes of Magna, a group of selected individuals who deals with happenings around the world.
It is a new era, and there is none that fit this sort of caliber, you have to be brave, prepared, honest, willing, strong, and all sorts to be able to be seen as a potential hero.
Thanks to a group of necromancers they had opened a rift, and is in the process of resurrecting a powerful menace that was suppose to be killed off by the heroes of old. It is the beginning of another dark age, and the world is in need of a new group heroes, but who would step up to such a honorable challenge?


Or decided to support the revival of the powerful menace for a dark age of power. Peace? Who needs peace, when you've got Chaos?
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