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Posted 11/8/16

FlyinDumpling wrote:

Globalization is the process by which the international exchange of goods, services, capital, technology and knowledge becomes increasingly interconnected.
The internet has made people more connected than ever and globalization has also brought many new opportunities, goods and technologies to places from all over the world. There is no doubt that we have all benefit from this in some way.

This is a pretty broad term and there are some things about globalism that I do not like, like the negative impact corporate ventures can have in poor countries. I've always heard this word being used in a business/marketing sense but lately I've been seeing the word used in an another context

How do you feel about globalization/ending globalism? Is there a middle ground?

It really depends what one is focusing on.

If "the forces of globalism" were defeated tonight and were gone from the plant in the morning, the ability to ship things globally would not somehow magically disappear.

When I hear globalism, I think of the UN, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS,) the IMF, and the relatively small number of people that control the preponderance of the world's central banks.

Banks that make sure you as a citizen are charged for the creation of every unit of currency.

Banks that have helped finance the largest corporations in the world, who via lobbying and monetary malfeasance pull and tug the governments of the world to act in a manner more according to their wishes instead of the local country's.

Read Maj Gen Smedley Butler's [url=]"War is A Racket"

The US Navy and Marines originated to protect commercial interests. "To the shores of Tripoli" and all that.

Every war the USA has ever fought in has been for commercial interests.

War is nothing to these people, in fact it is a method of making their side of the equation look better.

That's why the videos of Putin with the media, he's asking them do you understand the implications of what has happened? Referring to the US's actions in Syria, supporting ISIS, informing them of bombings ahead of time.

Dont expect to see those things in USA, AUS, EUR, Japan news.
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Posted 11/8/16

fredreload wrote:

ceroendls wrote:

Just my two cents, but I think globalization is a fantastic idea, especially in this day and age where technology is everywhere. Even though, some people don’t like the idea of outsourcing jobs to other countries, because it can lower the job pool at the home country. However, I strongly believe it can be valuable to have an opportunity to work together with other countries. Teamwork is super powerful, and what better way of trying to coexist with people from another nation, than to globalize a few jobs. This is a super complicated topic to touch into. Shoot, if I had a chance to work in another country than my own solely for the experience I would give it a shot. Bottom line, I think globalization could work especially with people who don’t mind the idea of working internationally. Great choice on discussing over globalization, I’m excited to see other views on the subject.

Hmm, it seems I came to the same conclusion in the wage post. What would you think of if the world is a single company with many different divisions?

Good question, if we were to view the world as a single company with many different divisions. In a way, the world can certainly be described that way. The world, also called planet Earth as the single company, and the many different divisions are all the countries around the world. Of course, how I explained that is a little too simplified. Here, we all share planet earth, so instead of initiating wars, and blowing other people up, because that country doesn’t believe in what we believe, or they have resources we need. To then falsely think that we got to blow them up to send a message... Nonono, let’s not be like that… Instead we should negotiate, try to solve problems as a whole that prioritizes both parties well-being and for the love of happiness avoid these meaningless wars going on. Anyways, I feel that the world can certainly be described as a single company with many different divisions also called countries.

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