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Posted 11/7/16
Now I wanted to buy a New 3DS for a long time now but I held out till I knew more about the NX. I already have a Wii U but I really wanted the games and convenience of the 3DS. After seeingthe Switch reveals I know I am going to buy one for sure, but now Amazon is going to sell brand new special edition mario-themed New 3DS models here pretty soon for only $100.

That price is freaking amazing and it's far smaller and protected/durable than the Switch.
Buuuuuuuut the Switch LOOKS more amazing and it plays console games too, not just 3DS. And if I just buy ONLY the switch that saves me $100 buuuuut it's not coming out for another 5 months :(

Anyone have any pointers than can help swing me towards whether I should or should NOT buy a new 3DS? Either way I WILL buy the Switch, this is just if you think buying a $100 new 3ds is worth the money? Do you think the switch is far, far better to replace the 3ds? Or will 3ds still be a more smarter/convenient way to mobile game because it's smaller, cheaper, durable, and probably better on batter life?
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Posted 11/7/16
new 3ds already have a solid library of games, and is significantly cheaper (Switch is expected to cost around $300 at launch)
Switch is said to not be backwards compatible with 3ds cartridges

portability: new 3ds > switch
library of games readily available: new 3ds > switch
price: new 3ds > switch
screen size / resolution: switch > new 3ds

the downside of 3ds is the region-lock thing. switch might be region-free, but there's no confirmation.
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Posted 11/7/16
Save up your money for a little while and then get the switch. If you wait like 6 months ish not only will the system start having more games available for it but you will have more money to spend on said games.
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Posted 11/8/16
If you've got $100 now (or will on Black Friday), get the 3DS. The only caveat is that it is the small 3DS that's on sale, not the XL.

According to Nintendo, the Switch is not the successor to the 3DS and simply won't play 3DS games. There's a ton of good games already available for the 3DS and since it also plays DS games, you've got 10 years worth of games to play. And 20+ years worth of games if you count Virtual Console games.

I don't have references handy, but about a week ago, there were hints that there will be a 3DS successor. My bet is, once the Switch actually releases in March 2017, that'll be just in time for them to tease us with a 3DS successor during E3 2017, which means a release later in the year (Christmas).

Remember when the 3DS was launched in 2011, it took over a year for decent games to come out and industry "experts" were calling it a failure (the Ambassador program was a direct result of that, after they dropped the price from like $350 and apologized to early adopters).

Even if the Switch is released in March 2017, I expect a 6 month period for a good library of games to develop.

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Posted 11/10/16
Get the 3DS since black friday is around the corner and theres a plethora of great titles for the Handheld. I'd probably change up my recommendation if the switch had more games announced for it and there was more info about it out.
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