Is the human race domesticating itself?
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We are born nice and soft as babies. As we get older we get more muscular and hairy. Those two characteristics are found less in portrayals of women and it's also starting to happen with men. The emphasis on staying forever young and not wanting to seem intimidating. It's reinforced with attaching certain stigmas based on how they look. Our dietitians might also be steering is in that direction.


Food for thought.

Domesticated animals keep a lot of the features that they had when they were babies and we bred out the aggression the wild ones needed to exist.

Is this good or bad? Ladies would you like dating a guy would couldn't grow a beard? Fellows would you eat a hairy pussy?
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Those last two questions disgust me.
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MysticGon wrote:Ladies would you like dating a guy would couldn't grow a beard? Fellows would you eat a hairy pussy?

Pretty sure neither of those are anything new.
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Posted 11/7/16
I think we are, but we lean towards domestication by our very own nature I believe, but domestication accompanied by intelligence. The intelligence to work with nature as we continue progressing wherever it is we want to go and not parasite off it. The intelligence has long been stunted and ignored for convenience. We have the capacity to be very much aware of ourselves and the world and where we want to steer it but we choose to ignore and not question the paradigms and conditioning we operate under or we just blindly accept and defend it, giving our power away. All the while we're angry at power institutions for doing things we don't like yet we still choose to support them as if we have no choice.

We're also so far removed from nature that we view it as foreign, evil, and scary. As such we choose to dominate it, neglect it, and manipulate it in our favor as if it's separate from us, when we came out of it. Most modern people in first world countries especially in urban areas are anything but independent and self sufficient and most don't have the knowledge to do such, but that's how our societies are formed unless you live in a rural area where they're more likely and more able to be a bit more self sufficient, but even then most sit on a shaky foundation.

So from what I understand we're still very much like complacent children playing in our sandbox. We're not only appearing to be more domesticated physically but mentally we are also resembling livestock, but to be fair this has been going on for a long time in many cultures around the world and isn't anything new.
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Posted 12/20/17
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