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Post Reply Anyone getting BoyBand 15? (Final Fantasy XV)
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Posted 11/26/16 , edited 11/26/16
Got my game a few days ago, thank you street date breaking stores :p

Was initially not a huge fan of the all male cast, i tend to prefer having both, but i actually quite like the cast, only played a few hours though.

I like the game, not exactly the type of gameplay i usually enjoy, i love the turn based FF games, but it works for the game.

my main problem is that i can't for the life of me decide if i prefer the japanese voice cast or the english one :p i am leaning towards the japanese though as i in generall, feel their voices "fit" the characters in this game more, Prompto seems to be voiced by the guy that voices Natsu on fairy tail, unless he's got a doppleganger that sounds just like him :p
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