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Posted 11/8/16
Hey how's it going guys! This is my first time posting to a Crunchyroll Forum, and I just want to say I love this site! It's pretty dope, and convenient. But, I digress I am in the process of creating my own manga/animation project, I am in the early stages, but the plot is well thought out as well as the characters, but in my time of creating this I have began to realize the difficulty in finding an artist. You might find one but they don't share the same vision, or they din't really have the drive to do it. I just want to find a good artist who would like to work with me and my team and if you're truly interested please private message me or email me at: [email protected] thank you for your time! I will discuss the project with people who have serious inquiries.

-Shoopy 8th God
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Posted 11/9/16
I would offer to be a artist but I'm not a good artist. I only have been using my drawing tablet for a couple of months. I suggest posting a forum on My Anime List in order to get more response
Posted 11/22/16
how much does it pay
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Posted 12/25/17
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