Science Fiction and Fantasy
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Posted 11/9/16
Percolating due to a type of discourse recently had, the question of what is science fiction and what is fantasy forms. Two genres tied together and interchanged nearly indiscriminately causing confusion about what is one and what is the other.

True, many could say that 'Fantasy' is magic, swords, sorcery, and the supernatural delights of our imaginary worlds. Science fiction is technology that gives us space, time, and dystopian universal utopias. However, is that all that this is?

To me, I would say that science fiction is the exploration of 'what if', and fantasy explores 'why not'. Science fiction takes what we know or think that we know and extends it outwards, and fantasy takes what we think would be nice or exciting and uses that as a background to exploring itself.
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Posted 11/22/17
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