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Posted 22 days ago

I finished the first two seasons and caught up with the recent season 3 as well.

Wow, this has been quite a ride. I mean, Ben McKenzie's acting as James Gordon is phenomenal. Same with David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne. I feel like the show explored the city of Gotham and all the characters in ways that I wasn't aware of before. I grew up watching the Batman and I've always been interested in the lore.

Some of my favorite characters in the series are Oswald Cobblepot, Jerome Valeska, and Selina Kyle so far. Meanwhile, season 2 introduced new dangerous antagonists and classics like Mr Freeze, Firefly, etc that reminded me of my childhood.

I think the finale of the second season sets up well for the new season.

The production values are really good for the show and gives off the darker feel of Gotham especially season 2. The cast are very talented that makes the series overall a memorable ride. Highly recommend anyone to check this show out. It premieres weekly on Fox.
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Posted 18 days ago
It's too early to make Gordon captain, I bet they bring in someone new
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