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Trump is already creating good paying jobs
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Posted 11/14/16 , edited 11/14/16
Even Trump supports can voice their option its called the first amendment which the left has taken too far so go to your cry in's play with your play-doh and enjoy As you can tell I don't wear one of those pins I'm not a safe zone :P
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Posted 11/14/16

animegirl2222 wrote:

kevz_210 wrote:

Lambchopzin wrote:

animegirl2222 wrote:

When did CR become such a right biased site? Y'all are like the diluted version of MAL's CE now, GD has gotten strikingly less bubbly and more depressingly, forcefully political.

Then again, I've yet to find the threat that accuses Hillary Clinton of "ritually sacrificing young children!1!!!" but i'm sure it's on here somewhere.

The general population is becoming more "right biased," so it shouldn't be all that surprising this is reflected throughout various online communities.

Get used to it. The pendulum is swinging back after a couple decades of globalist lefties in power. Just the way it goes. Nerd communities in particular are swinging more drastically right due to SJWs and progressives giving them so much shit over the last couple years.

Sounds about right.

If you don't adhere blindly to SJW identity politics you are now a racist, bigot, misogynist, and any other term Tumblr can throw at you. Some people who would traditionally align with the left are being forced out for daring to disagree with anything, not exactly a welcoming feeling.

Well yes, I see your points, but I still identify as a left centrist whilst condemning the idiotic SJW left. You don't have to forcibly shift to the right if you weren't there already, it's not so drastic a measure. Politics aren't strictly left and right extremist camps, although political polarization is making it appear that way- I've almost always been somewhere closer to the middle but with more liberal undertones, that is where I'll stay. And I don't particularity like Trump, by the by. Wasn't exactly a fan of his opponent during the election either, but I found her to be more tolerable than him.

Fair points.
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Posted 12/20/17
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