Post Reply The new update for Apple TV is a complete downgrade
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Posted 20 days ago , edited 17 days ago
I'm trying to figure out how to look at lists of episodes, add and remove stuff from queue, check my history, see when new episodes are going to be released, and browse anime released during a certain season, but seemingly this new update made all of that impossible, just removing all the features. I only use Crunchyroll on my Apple TV and if we're stuck with this horrible excuse of an update I'll definitely be canceling my subscription.
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Posted 5 days ago , edited 5 days ago
Ugh! I agree. I love Crunchyroll but I'm preparing to abandon CR on AppleTV. It's been several weeks now and the new CR app continues to be a horrible and annoying user experience compared to the old app.

With all the complaints the new app's poorly considered UI is generating, I was hoping they would have switched back to the old system until they got the problems sorted out with the new system. But, based on their recent reply in another thread, it sounds like they're sticking with it for now. IMO, they should have at least given users/customers to the option to revert to the old app.

I realize it takes a while to get updates/changes made through the Apple Store but it's been a couple of months now with absolutely no improvement to the new app. This long wait and lack of information about what they're going to do about these problems is disheartening.

Right now I'm building a new media computer to run Crunchyroll and other streaming services, and we'll probably abandon AppleTV altogether (CR used to be our favorite app on ATV.) This might mean letting our Crunchyroll subscription lapse this coming year because getting new hardware is going to eat into our media budget.

That would be sad; up to now we've been happy Crunchyroll subscribers and supporters since 2012.
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