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Posted 11/13/16 , edited 11/13/16
I have a Kindle Fire, and just sideloaded the Google Services/Play framework stuff and then loaded the CR Manga app. Everything seems to run fine, except for this one very annoying thing that happens very frequently - flipping to the next page shows one of the previously viewed pages. The only way to see the real page is to exit out of the chapter back to the chapter listing (where thankfully the page you're on is always saved) and re-enter the chapter from there. Then everything is fine until the same thing inevitably happens again.

I mainly read using the app's built-in panel-by-panel guide because of the small screen size, so it might be related to that, but I think this has happened even when normally flipping pages.

Is there any way to fix this?
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Posted 11/13/16
I've been having this issue for at least a couple years now. I've had the issue with my Nexus 7, Nvidia shield, and Pixel C. I use the same method for dealing with the issue. You can also flip back about 10 pages and flip back to fix it. Of course that's not any better than backing out to the chapter selection.
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