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Posted 11/13/16 , edited 11/13/16
It's quite obvious that the Xbox app hasn't been updated in ages. The Pin to Home feature is no longer supported. That option needs to be removed from the app.

My Queue is a nice feature, but it feels incomplete. It's impossible to remove an anime from "My Queue" without searching for it, selecting the anime and then clicking "Remove from queue" from within that anime's home page.

It's also impossible to select an episode when starting playback from My Queue. Crunchyroll isn't the first anime service I've used which also means that there are some ongoing animes which I have seen in part. When starting playback from My Queue for the first time, it always starts from the first episode. Obviously, if i've seen part of the anime, that doesn't make sense for me, and the lack of episode selection means that I have to search for it anew and then make an episode selection from the home page of that anime. It would already be a massive improvement if selecting an anime from My Queue brought us to the home page of that anime instead of starting playback right away. We would then be able to select an episode. It would fix both of the problems I've underlined and it It would only be one extra click to start playback, which really isn't all that bad.
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