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Posted 11/13/16 , edited 11/14/16
I have some general questions on Crunchyroll. I'm a student of Japanese and I'll be giving this service a trial shot in a week or so, but I was wondering if someone could answer a few basic questions in the meantime. I would appreciate it!

1. I see you can read manga. Can you read it in Japanese too, or just English?

2. I was thinking of getting an anime Lootcrate as well. Do I need only one month of crunchy roll, and then get the big and bigger discount for a 3 month or 6 month package of Lootcrate? (or do they subscription lengths need to match? (ex. 1 month crunchyroll and 12 month lootcrate = -$40 off total)

3. I assume you can watch all anime with the original Japanese voice overs right? Well what about Japanese subtitles as well? (That way I can practice reading Kanji) Maybe watch the same anime again, but with japanese subtitles, for good reading practice.

4. What is it you like most about Crunchyroll compared to other services? (or is there anything I should know?)


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Posted 11/13/16 , edited 11/14/16
1) Manga is english-only, no Japanese. Too much risk to make reverse pirating too easy.

2) Dunno, was never interested. FAQ here:

3) For Web browser-only, you can watch most shows with no subs (there are exceptions to some older titles with hard-coded subs), but not with devices (streamers/game consoles/phones, etc), which all have hard-coded subs. There is an occasional rare title here and there which is only a dub.

Kanji, Hiragana, Romagi are all not available on any means to watch, not even the web. Two staff members have stated in different posts that CR is an entertainment service, not an educational one. Probably there would be additional regulations/licensing needed if they would be considered to be both.

4) They have the largest (legal) streaming Anime catalog, but very few dubs.

They just recently partnered with Funimation, so their subtitle catalog should swell considerably, soon. (for varying definitions of "soon").

For billing, CR defines a "month" as 30 days. 12 CR months = 360 days whether you pay by the month or all up front (at a cheaper total rate).

The only smart TV coverage they have is Roku and Android; not any other Smart TVs. They do not have approved Amazon appstore apps for either Kindles or for the Fire TV.

The forum is PG-13, and is closely moderated for disrespect, erotica, etc. You can swear, but not at someone else on the forum.

The web player uses Flash, not HTML-5. There are ways to avoid that, but then you go to hard subs.

If a show is censored in Japan on TV it is censored here. CR doesn't alter censorship, neither adding it nor removing it.

Maturity filter setting here: /acct/?action=video

It's not CR's fault if you use the same username and password here that you (may have) used on other multiple sites. All it takes is one hack on any of the others you have set up to compromise your account here. Good security practice is to at least not use the same password on any other site; even better is to not use the same username.

CR show availablility is geo-filtered. They do not have all licenses for all shows for all countries; some are more available than others. Recently they have been getting broader coverage, but many older titles may not be available if you are not in the USA or Canada. To see the available titles applicable to your country, (including if you are in the USA), visit the "all Anime" /videos/anime/alpha?group=all page after setting your mature filter in the link I mentioned above.

Read the /library/Site_Rules
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