SPECTRUM- my movie idea or comic book
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Posted 11/13/16

This is my story that I'm still working on.

Once it was beautiful and bright. There was light all around. There was peace and harmony. There was love and joy. Then the darkness took over the light. What was once beautiful and bright turned gray and black. Except one kingdom in the universe that survived. It was called Spectrum. Spectrum Kingdom was guarded by the Guardian Angels. Mariana was the queen of the guardian angels. She protected the Crystal Color Girls. The Crystal Color Girls grew and discovered their unique powers. Outside of Spectrum in the realm of darkness there was a another kingdom that was dying. In this kingdom there was a King and Queen. They had a son named Keith and a daughter named Sarindriah. They told Keith and Sarindriah before they died to always keep the light in their hearts. Sarindriah became very depressed after her mother and father died. Her depression quickly grew to anger and her anger grew to deep hate. Bittnerness filled her heart. She grew dark, cold and distant. The power of the darkness grew too strong for her to contain. Sarindriah convinced her brother to follow her. Keith and Sarindriah began to rule the darkness. Death and destruction followed them wherever they went.

Sarindriah discovered there was still a place filled with light and love. She saw Spectrum Kingdom in a vision. She told Keith this place must be destroyed. Spectrum Kingdom was in danger. If it was destroyed all the light in the universe would go out. There was only one hope. Princess Aura was the only one that could save Spectrum Kingdom. King Quasar Aura’s father told her to go to Spectrum Kingdom. She has to save it or everything in the universe would die. Aura sets out on a journey to save Spectrum Kingdom. Sarindriah soon discovers Princess Aura. She tells Keith to go find her and bring her to the realm of darkness so she can get rid of her. Keith sets out to find Aura and stop her from saving Spectrum. When Keith sees Aura for the first time he instantly falls in love with her. She is the most beautiful and radiant being he has ever seen. He betrays Sarindriah and decides he doesn’t want to serve the darkness any longer. Sarindriah becomes more angry and sends dark creatures to destroy Aura.
Aura and Keith fight the dark creatures. Aura has a sword and light power prism attack. Aura with the help of Mariana, the guardian angels and the crystal color girls defeat the dark creatures and is able to save Spectrum. Until the Darkness rises again……….
Posted 11/15/16
I find this would be much more suited for a novel, or a manga, as it seems to have a lot of back story most comic books fans wont really care for,

it might be good to explain what the "darkness" is
as many stories just state the darkness but never explain what it is, and I find a lot of people getting bored with that
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Posted 11/23/16
After reading the general synopsis of your idea, I can honestly say that it is simple and neat. But some part of me tells me it doesn't feel too original concept wise. But then again who am I to judge...

When the crystal color girls were first introduced, I was like "whaa? Is this some mahou shoujo kinda thing?" , but then I kept reading and it turns out they weren't the central focus of the story.

Though, I have one question. Which kingdom does Princess Aura belong to?

Apart from all that, it's not too bad of an idea. It's easy to follow and the story is clear to me as the reader.

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Posted 12/25/17
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