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If Trump is a disaster will everyone vote Democrat in 2020?
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Posted 11/15/16 , edited 11/16/16

runec wrote:

animegirl2222 wrote:
Hopefully Trump has him more there as a prop but I don't trust much in his hands as a VP whatsoever. I'd rather have Trump stick around despite despising the guy publicly if it means that Pence isn't given the higher power. Like people who're rooting for Trump assassination cease to understand that the Pence alternative is so, so much worse. Trump won't outright revoke rights for LGBT people and abortion as easily, not comparatively to his psycho VP.

I'm far more worried that Trump will be Pence's prop than visa versa and yes, I've been saying that for awhile now. If Trump is impeached, steps down, etc, we get Pence. Fundie asshole extraordinaire. Combined with a GOP held congress and at least one Supreme Court pick? Pence would be a fucking nightmare.

If he is a disaster, of course. I'm going to give the guy a chance though.

Pence is the ultimate assassination/impeachment insurance. Trump is thinking no matter how much you hate me, no way in hell would you prefer this guy. Heck most Trump supporters I know, can't stand the guy either
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