What are some of the best Anime/Manga/Visual Novels of 2016 and your favorites
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Posted 11/14/16 , edited 11/14/16
With the elections over I've now got a lot more free time and I have been having anime/manga withdraws. I seem to find the best stuff from others rather than randomly clicking everything. However since everyone has different tastes I thought I would mix this up a little to be a bit more useful. So what are your favorite anime's from 2016 and all time and what genre would you put them into?

{Looking for Anime, Manga, or Visual Novels}

Science & Time Travel:
-Steins:Gate (The Visual novel is much MUCH better)[God tier]

- Asterisk War (2016)
- Kenichi
- Yu Yu Hakusho (From 90's and starts slowly but never gets old)
- Kill la Kill
- Gurren Lagann (Mechs!)

- Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood [God Tier]
- Inuyasha
- Magi

Elimination Game/Horror
- Mirai Nikki
- Another


Anyone can post in this topic regardless of sex, race, species, organic/non-organic, or even if you are from a different part of the galaxy/universe! I really don't care what you are and it's not like I can validate such things over the internet so for all I know your a bunch of dogs shit posting on Earth forums from the planet Wolfus.

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