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(Unverified) Anti Trump protestors block ambulance, killing father of 4yo
Posted 11/15/16 , edited 11/15/16

KennethKenstar wrote:

Occupy Wall Street is literally STILL out there.

Hmm sorry that I didn't bring my microscope with me today, I cant see them.
Posted 11/15/16 , edited 11/15/16

KennethKenstar wrote:

User Amyas_Leigh found two reasons to call me daddy today.

You do realize that the majority of the thread was deleted and all the posts are mixed up due to a forum bug, right? Right?

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Posted 11/15/16 , edited 11/15/16

namealreadytaken wrote:

a moderator should change the thread title to something like
report claims Anti Trump protestors block ambulance, supposedly killing father of 4yo
the OP already said it's unverified, but not many people here read it

i still stand by my original post that it could very well have happened, and even if if didn't, blocking the streets is still a really bad idea that could result in unintended consequences. let's not turn this into a
"you're wrong!"
"no, you're wrong"
"no u"

we're better than that, CR.

GD is now a straight up dumpster fire anyway
Also you loons as I've already said should know better than to use infowars' psycho ass as a "source"
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Posted 11/15/16 , edited 11/16/16

Emtro wrote:
In other words, you just believe what others have told you about Info wars and know absolutely nothing about what it actually reports.

Dude, both the "stories" I just mentioned are readily available on their website. Right now. They are what it actually reports. I'm not "believing" what other people have told me about Infowars. So come off it.

kingboom777 wrote:
that's pretty much what i'm getting

Oh, and of course the old favourite!

And if thats not enough for you two, Jones also has a series of Youtube videos on the above topics.

I say that if you actually read that link its using one of the articles we already discussed as its source and thus adds no new information.

HolyDrumstick wrote:
Really interesting stuff. I am actually not sure if we did or did not reach the moon. BUT, I feel like the first Apollo missions were faked. I don't know anything, but I fell like that, after researching the entire thing.

We did. Your feelings are not scientific fact.

HolyDrumstick wrote:I say that because I actually looked into the whole mess for entertainment, and was surprised at what I found. You know, just the fact that we had legitimate motivation, at the time, to fake the moon landings, with the space program race.... I mean that's enough to raise reasonable doubt.

Perhaps you should stop immersing yourself in the conspiracy side of it and look into the scientific side of it. There is most certainly not "reasonable doubt".

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F / Boston-ish
Posted 12/20/17 , edited 12/20/17
Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no new posts since 12/31/2016.
Posted 11/15/16 , edited 11/15/16

KennethKenstar wrote:

nonprofit advocacy.

But lots of people profit from people being paid to protest and riot. The protestors, the organizers and the agitators.

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