The Day of Revolution
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Posted 11/16/16 , edited 11/16/16
Has anyone read the Day of Revolution?
It is easily my favorite Manga. I read it for the first time right after coming out as Transgender and the book hit me so hard in a time and place when I needed it. I hold such a high regard for the manga that the "Megumi" part of my username comes from that book! I never hear anyone talk about it and I find it to be such a shame. While the first one is better I love the second one for introducing Mikoto. I had seen the anime Princess Princess before I read the manga and Mikoto left a bad impression on me but after reading Day of Revolution Vol. 2 I love his character in Princess Princess even more. I also love to give props to the anime for including Megumi without having her presence overshadow the real story of friendship at work in the series.
What do you think about the manga? Do you love it like me or is it just Blind nostalgia talking. (Most likely the nostalgia)
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Posted 11/17/16 , edited 11/18/16
I haven't read it for quite some time; I'll have to do so once I finish building shelving for all of my books. I did like that crossover collection overall, though (Princess Princess, The Day of Revolution, and Family Complex.)
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