Trump's False accuser cries and begs him not to sue her
Posted 11/16/16 , edited 11/16/16

This is one of the women reportedly paid by Gloria Allred to accuse Trump of sexual harassment.
Now here she is with her bad acting begging not to be sued

They all bend the knee when you're king.
What's the proper punishment for this sort of thing?
Posted 11/16/16
Gloria Allred should be disbarred.
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Posted 11/16/16
if they falsely accused Trump, they should be sued for every penny.
if they didn't accuse him falsely, they should have nothing to worry about.
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Posted 11/16/16 , edited 11/16/16
"President elect Trump has the opportunity..."

To retract his denial of their allegations and not sue them for what he claims are false allegations? Even if he were guilty, what world do you live in that you think that has any chance of happening. Especially after so many of these accusers have been proven to have lied/been payed for.

Something tells me she did not put Trump in any "suspense"...
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Posted 12/20/17
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