Positive Discussion About "Alternate World" Plot
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So, as many of you probably noticed, there are a lot, and I mean a lot of this kind of thing. This ranges from the "classic" reincarnated into another world to just plain "I woke up and suddenly there I was" kind of deals.

Normally I'd pass it off like it's a fad and not be too bothered by it, like angsty vampires or whatever, but dang if I haven't noticed a whole bunch of these. I'm not the only one either apparently according to this:


and this


Anyways, seeing as how this is the internet, I could gripe about how there are so many of these. I could also complain that on top of being so common, they introduce OP characters, which I can be fine with if not for the fact that the OP character is also a complete jerk with a capital donkey's bottom. Then I could maybe go on and on about various nitpicks, like I dunno harems and such.

But let's not.

Instead, let's do a positive thing. I'm going to talk about what I would do if I had this sort of topic to write about. If I were to write about this kind of story, I think I would keep the OP character in a way, but there would be a catch.

For example, an idea I had rattling around in my head would be that my character, upon arriving on this alternate world, would be OP as heck and have whatever that entailed or could at least learn how to do it, but there is absolutely no one else on the planet. I would have this basically sticky noted and bolded everywhere every single time I were to write about it, "Main Character does not get to interact with anything sentient." So he gets to be super OP, throw around meteors like it's no thing, travel the very, very empty world, build a whole kingdom out of candy and sweets for the heck of it, but I'll have it a very strict rule that unless the story is about to end or something, absolutely no interaction with anything that can give proper conversation.

Naturally, this led to the creation of a scene where he tries to make some sentient AI robot thing, but it can't give "true" responses and the like. Eventually he dreams that the robot "miraculously" gets proper sentience and that goes for a bit until he wakes up. He gets so mad that he basically chucks a rock at the real life robot, which then breaks, and he ends up apologizing to it over and over.

So yeah that's what I came up with when I was thinking about this kind of story. I would love to hear everyone else's thoughts on this. Also, while I said to keep things positive, I think exactly ONE paragraph's worth of exasperation is given, since I also did it. Just try to keep the complaints on the small side, only have it for one post, have it not be the majority of that post, and always give something positive or constructive.
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