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Posted 11/17/16
Hi, I'm having a very specific and odd problem. When I go fullscreen on any video on Crunchyroll, only the top left hand corner of the video will show and the rest will just be white. Now it gets kind of weirder than this, because this only happens when I use Google Chrome, and it only happens when I fullscreen on an external monitor. On my main monitor it full screens perfectly fine, but on either of my two connected monitors it has this issue. The issue does not happen with any other video streaming services, and does not happen when I use another web browser such as safari. I am using Mac OS X and have updated everything to the latest versions, still having this problem. Makes it kind of inconvenient since chrome is my preferred browser, and the external monitor I'm trying to fullscreen it on is my TV so I can watch shows while laying in bed. If you have any suggestions on how to fix this, please let me know!
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