Imperial Academy
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Posted 11/18/16
Though the Imperial Academy was built for the purpose of training soldiers to fight in the war, it offers classes ranging from basic combat to advanced cooking. Students under the age of eighteen are required to undergo standard schooling as well as military training. The students that truly excel are occasionally sent on special missions to assist the war effort.
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Posted 12/3/16
Takeji walked into the academy, looking around and taking it all in. He walked around, trying to get a sense of where he was, when he accidentally bumped into a older looking man, either an upper class man or a professor. He assumed it was the later given the man seemed to know the in's and out's of the academy pretty well. Takeji told the man about his situation, and the man, obviously a professor at this point, welcomed him and brought him to an empty room, before leaving. Takeji understood that this was supposed to be his room. He threw his bag down on the ground and fell onto the bed. He was hoping to start training as soon as possible.
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