I have had it with shit
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Posted 11/19/16 , edited 11/19/16
All I fucking do is take on challenges and in return, my fucking teacher didn't appreciate my hard work. Fucking Pokemon is already planned on moving to fucking Disney XD soon and I am already in a fucking hotel with no cable. I do have internet but watching it uploaded by people in illegal websites won;t do to not feel trapped. The only way to not feel lonely is when i watch live streaming or fucking sattelite or fucking cable. I swear to god, I was discriminated by my fucking teacher when i barely heard him and i asked what did he say again and he ask what do you think i might've said and i had guess this shit. I have a fucking disability. Not only that, I had trouble paying attention at school every day. Everybody is enjoying themselves eating dunkin fucking donuts and watching getting my ass kicked. Everybody around me including my brother has been pretending to know what i am talking about. They treated like I am their fucking slave and their enemy. They have the nerve to tell me that I am not depressed....bullshit. If i take another challenge again, i get punished for it but if someone else does it , they won't have consequences. I was tryng to tell a joke to my family about the cake and got pissed at me. I only the wedding cake a birthday cake as a joke. I dropped my slice and my grandma yelled at me after asking for another slice. My father never shows up. My brother wrestled me over complaining about my problems with paying attention after being told by someone that i won half a million dollars from facebook. I wanted to work hard on my art towards success but trouble paying attention makes it worst for me in college. I can't even go to college in chicago because some people are think the olympics is fucking party. It is like sending into a challenge to the death without a fucking bullet proof vest. I am in a goddamn motherfucking hotel and nobody in my family is gonna fucking respect and they have been acting funny towards me except the kids, the kids are fine. I tried to donate blood and my brother didn't tell me anything before going to donate blood and then now says he told me to lie the second i came back from that fucking plasma place and then blames for not listening to something he never said to me. WTF?!
I hate mother fuckers. My family is dead to me. I succeed and they are going to bitch about me. I think about anime in school during class because ever since Pokemon moved to fucking CN from fucking WB, I am lonely and i was bored, i lost my fucking motivation. Before I went to the 7th and 8th grade, my mom recieved a message for someone without a fucking name or number on a blue Kyocera phone from cricket fucking wireless saying "go fuck up rashad". and later I got trouble paying attention in school. I should have Disney XD and Pokemon because I don't want be in Trump's stupid bitch ass hotel. Without Pokemon, I am surrounded by douchebags - elect Trump and Pence. I hate my school This change can go fuck itself! Pokemon meant everything to me, I don;t give a shit about what the fuck the fucking Sun and Moon animation fucking looks like, I still love that fucking show. I grew up with it and the show has been my friend for fucking years. I grew being lonely in the bitch ass house everyday without going anywhere by myself or any goddamn motherfucking friends. I swear to god anything that happens to me caused by trumpf supportes will be forced to give me cable tv, internet, and security.
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Posted 11/19/16
You are way, way, way beyond any level of PG here. Closed, and if you want to post it without all the language, do so, but otherwise you're about three leagues over the line here.
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