A character model in Watch Dogs 2 was rendered with a vagina texture. Apparently that isn't okay?
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So this is a thing that happened, and now it's going to get undone following no backlash whatsoever, as far as I can tell. I mean if the creators of a game want to take out a small piece of it that really doesn't affect it as a product, then that's entirely their right, but Watch Dogs 2 has a bunch of full frontal male nudity and nobody seems muffed about that. Hell, if what I am told is true you can share screenshots of WD2 dicks on psn without any trouble. In fact, there have been plenty of dicks in M rated games, but for some reason everyone pussies away from female genitalia. In fact I just learned that a game on steam early access just got age restricted for showing boobs while Genital Jousting, a humourous game where players control penises trying to penetrate the rears of other penises, is apparently available for anyone to view purchase and play. What's the deal with that? Why is it okay for us to have a presence of dicks while being forced to clam up about vaginas? It's true that Ubisoft may have something up their sleeve to patch out the male genitalia in the future, but that would still leave a lot of other examples of this kind of thing happening in games. I'd really like to snatch a few points of insight into why this happens.
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I've actually been able to see both (NPCs that have vaginas exposed in certain scenarios and the naked guys that are usually walking around California without any issue) while playing Watch Dogs 2. There are two things I will say about this:


1. Sony - Sony's rules mostly follow the same logic as MPAA (for quite obvious reasons) when it comes to nudity in games. It's more acceptable to show the full penis of a male (whether erect, semi-erect, or not at all) than to show the vulva of a female's vagina. You may see vaginas in films, but you probably can't count on how many times you've seen the vulva. In scenes where vaginas are displayed, you'll likely see more with pubic hair than not (this is because actresses are made to wear a merkin to avoid exposing the vulva).

With that being said, when the feature to share screenshots is used to display this - you end up with a ban. That's just how it goes. Penises are a bit different, though. At least in standards of films and video content as a whole (including games), full male nudity is accepted but isn't always shown. In fact, most films show breasts but no male genitals. There's a bit of an imbalance there, so to speak.

2. Society - One is less acceptable than the other in society, and it isn't the penis. While Watch Dogs 2 does go for the "Mature" rating, it's also true that the rating wouldn't be appropriate with the nudity of a vagina. It would have to be jumped up to "Adults Only"; which would block their overall market penetration (okay, laugh, let it out..) as the majority of stores refuse to carry AO rated games. Prolonged exposure to graphic sexual content would be considered an AO-rating requirement. Penises don't constitute as this in either films or games, that's just how the industry is - we don't make the rules, they do.


Overall, it's not a big deal to me. I don't really see what value either would add to the game. The vagina was only exposed if you meet certain requirements in how you take a woman out (killing/knocking them out). The men meander around aimlessly, especially near beaches or back alleys. One seems deliberate, the other does not. That's my personal opinion on it, at least.
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