Ah my goddess fanfic that i started.
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Posted 11/21/16
so this is an introductuction chapter to an Ah my godess fanfic i'm going to be working on when i can. let me know what you guys think and whether i should post the rest here on crunchyroll or not Enjoy.

Ah! That’s very generous of you!

‘’Yawn!’’ skuld had just woken up from a nice long nap, feeling refreshed and raring to go. While checking herself out in the mirror, skuld seemed to be the only one who heard the phone ring.

‘’guys the phone!’’ skuld shouted before yawning one more time while going out into the hall.

‘’can you get that for me skuld I’m still getting dressed!’’ beldandy responded.

‘’ok!’’ skuld agreed.

‘’why is she getting dressed normally instead of using her powers? Skuld asked herself.

And where are- oh that’s right urd took keiichi to the race’’ skuld remembered before answering the phone.

‘’hello? Morisato residence’’ skuld answered.

‘’the almighty one!’’ skuld yelled out loud enough to attract beldandy’s curiosity.

‘’yes I apologize for screaming but did something happen?’’ skuld asked.

‘’huh? You want to give me a gift? What is it? Skuld asked.

‘’ahh!’’ skuld shrieked

As soon as she asked that question a magic force surrounded skuld and her body started morphing. When all was said and done she had transformed into an adult once again.

Huh? Im back in my adult form!’’ skuld said.

If I may ask almighty one why am I an-

Oh this is the gift you were talking about?! Skuld asked.

i-i will! Thank you!’’ an estatic skuld said.

‘’almighty one just one final question please? Skuld begged.

‘’how long will I be able to stay like this?

Skulds face lit up with glee as she heard the answer.

‘’oh my!’’ skuld said.

Thank you again almighty one!’’ skuld said before hanging up.

Skuld couldn't keep herself from grinning like a fool as beldandy , who had finished dressing came to see why her younger sister was so happy.

‘’someone’s in a pleasant mood’’ belandy noted with her usual smile.

‘’skuld? Beldandy asked as she realized who she was actually seeing.

‘’hey big sis! I'm an adult again! Skuld explained.

‘’I see that but why? Beldandy asked.

‘’the almighty one did it for me as a present!’’ skuld explained.

At that moment urd and keiichi walked in , bags full of souvenirs from the race in hand.

‘’hey guys we’re back!’’ keiichi said

‘’woah! Who’s the chick? Urd asked.

‘’maybe one of belldandy’s friends? Keiichi wondered.

‘’very funny guys’’ skuld said.

‘’did you really forget what I look like as an adult already? Skuld asked.

After hearing that question urd and keiichi immediately realized who they were greeting.

wait..Skuld!? Both urd and keiichi asked in shock.

‘’yes’’ skuld confirmed looking hurt that her sister and friend couldn’t recognize her.

Big sis knew who I was almost right away!’’ skuld explained.

‘’well..im sorry I just-

Keiichi lost his train of thought as his desires gave in , and he began scanning skuld up and down.

‘’stop it keiichi! You pervert! ‘’skuld raised taking note of his lecherous viewing.

‘’s-sorry skuld I didn’t mean to-

‘’its fine don’t worry about it’’ skuld said.

‘’come on I’ll explain everything’’ skuld said as she motioned for the rest to follow her into the living room.

‘’uh beldandy the last time skuld turned into an adult you had to cut off from yourself and urd turned into a child right? Keiichi asked to be sure.

‘’that’s right’’ beldandy confirmed.

‘’oh great!’’ keiichi complained

‘’but that didn’t happen this time’’ urd said joining in.

‘’if it was going to it would have happened right away’’ urd continued.

‘’yeah your right’’ keiichi agreed.

‘’so then is something worse going to happen this time?’’ keiichi asked.

‘’we don’t know’’ urd said.

‘’that’s why skuld is going to explain this to us right now’’ urd said.

‘’skuld told me that the Almighty one gave it to her as a present’’ beldandy sprung on them.

‘’ A present? Both urd and keiichi asked.

‘’yes’’ beldandy said with another smile.

‘’you could have said that earlier’’ urd said.

‘’are you guys coming or not!’’ skuld screamed from the living room.

‘’let’s go guys our little skuld is getting impatient’’ urd said.

Beldandy , urd and keiichi joined skuld over tea while she explained the reason for her re transformation.

‘’yeah beldandy told us that much’’ urd said.

‘’enlighten us a bit further please? Urd asked , lazily placing her hands on her chin.

‘’that’s just it I can’t really skuld said.

‘’the almighty one only told me three things’’ skuld continued.

‘’the 1st being that he transformed me back into an adult as a gift’’ skuld reiterated.

‘’secondly I can now transform and de transform whenever I feel like it’’ skuld continued

‘’and finally that nothing strange would happen to you or big sis like last time’’ skuld concluded.

‘’he didn’t specify why he was giving me said gift ’' skuld said.

‘’well that’s just great’’ urd said , sarcasm dripping out with the words.

‘’yes I also think it’s wonderful’’ beldandy said not catching on to urds insincerity

‘’so what are you going to do now that you have this transformation skuld? Keiichi asked.

‘’good question keiichi , I haven’t thought about that yet’’ skuld admitted.

‘’maybe we could just go out like before? Skuld asked as she finished her tea.

‘’sure if that’s what you want’’ keiichi obliged

‘’hold it! This time beldandy and I are coming with you’’ urd said.

‘’we are? Beldandy asked.

‘’yes we are’’ urd responded.

Urd leaned in close to beldandy and whispered ‘’we can’t take any chances letting the two of them go out alone again’’

Skuld said something to urd but she wasn’t paying attention because she was in beldandy’s ear.

‘’why is something wrong? an oblivious beldandy whispered back.

‘’there definitely will be if we don’t keep an eye on- nevermind’’ urd said.

‘’urd! Did you hear me? An irritated skuld asked.

‘’I said fine!’’ skuld repeated.

‘’oh uh right ok , sorry skuld!’’ a jumpy urd replied.

Skuld rolled her eyes in disgust , got up and grabbed her tea cup

‘’im going to take a shower before we leave’’ skuld said as she left.

‘’alright’’ beldandy answered happily as she got up as well.

‘’keiichi , urd hand me your cups I’ll put them in the sink for you’’ beldandy offered.

‘’thanks’’ urd and keiichi said as they did just that.

Skuld took her time in the shower while beldandy washed the dishes and the rest of the used silverware for the day. letting the warm water run down her hair and body , skuld began thinking of all things she could do to enjoy a new life as a semi adult. Everything from ice cream to casino’s, to driving a car, to drinking to even posing for magazines, all of it raced through skuld’s mind during her long soak. By the time she’d finished bathing and gotten dressed urd , keiichi and beldandy were waiting by the entrance for their little sister , bikes and helmets in tow.

‘’hey guys sorry for the wait’’ skuld said.

‘’not a problem, let’s go’’ keiichi said.

‘’oh wait a minute guys I just remembered!’’ keiichi

‘’skuld what if someone we know sees you like this?! Keiichi asked.

Everyone panicked a bit, not knowing how to answer that question concisely.

‘’well uh…maybe we might have to try to explain it to whoever ask’’ skuld said.

‘’yeah paeorth when she comes back down to earth tomorrow’’ keiichi said.

‘’and maybe megumi but that’s it’’ keiichi added.

‘’oh yeah I almost forgot about that’’ urd said.

‘’we cant explain this to the guys , sayoko , the rest of the auto club , aoshima none of them’’ keiichi bellowed.

‘’especially not those two’’ urd agreed.

‘’why don’t we get going and figure something out on the way?’’ beldandy suggested.

‘’I agree, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it’’ skuld said.

‘’I hope so’’ keiichi said.

Beldandy held keiichi’s hands and said ‘’we’ll be fine’’

A small grin formed on keiichi’s face , comforted by bell’s words.

‘’thank you beldandy’’ keiichi said.

‘’sure’’ bell said.

‘’now lets go’’ keiichi said.

‘’I’ll ride with belldandy and you ride with urd skuld? Keiichi asked.

‘’yeah’’ skuld said.

It hit her as the foursome began their ride. Why did skuld just say that? Normally when keiichi suggested doing anything with his big sis she would pitch a fit , but here she didn’t. was she maturing already?

‘’so where are we going skuld? Urd asked.

Skuld thought about it for and said ‘’lets start at the mall’’

‘’you got it’’ urd said.

Like a kid in a candy store skuld went on a clothing rampage, draining keiichi’s money and giving him flashbacks of when megumi pulverized his bank account similarly during a short stay they had in America. Thankfully bell and urd were there to lift some of the burden and to keep skuld under some kind of control. Once done skuld apologized to keiichi for going haywire on his cash.

‘’don’t worry about it its not a problem at all’’ keiichi somewhat lied.

From the mall the gang went to all sorts of places in town. To the arcade , the aquarium , their local bar , the park , the amount of fun skuld was having in her adult form seemed to be endless. Then came the final place skuld wanted to visit for the day: keiichi’s college. It wasn’t so much her being afraid of feeling out of place as it was running into creepy toshiyuki again. In a weird way however , our for now adult goddess is about to find out that she needn’t worry about that happening anytime soon.

Posted 11/21/16 , edited 11/21/16
This seems long I'm sure there is a fanficiton site you could upload it to and then link to it.
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Posted 11/21/16
yeah i was going to put it on fanfiction . net but i can't seem to get into my account so until i get that fixed i decided to put it here for now.
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Posted 12/25/17
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